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Whirlpool bath: what are the different possible shapes?


In order to best adapt to the dimensions of your bathroom, you have the choice between several shapes of whirlpool bathtubs. Overview of the different models available on the market.

The corner whirlpool bath

Grand classique des baignoires balnéo, le modèle d’angle occupe peu de place et peut tout à fait être installé dans une petite salle de bains. De taille variable, vous pouvez choisir un équipement dont les dimensions oscillent entre 130 et 170 centimètres selon la place dont vous disposez dans la pièce. Les avantages de la baignoire d’angle sont nombreux. En effet, en plus de n’occuper que très peu d’espace et d’être design, elle offre un confort d’utilisation optimal. 

The rectangular whirlpool bath


Like the corner bath, the rectangular spa bath will fit easily in any bathroom. Usually measuring between 150 and 195 centimeters in length and between 70 and 150 centimeters in width, it adapts equally well to large spaces as well as to smaller spaces and offers appreciable comfort.

The round whirlpool bath

Another alternative, the round balneotherapy bathtub provides unparalleled comfort with the sensation of having a jacuzzi in your bathroom. Being able to be used with several people without problem, this bathtub is nevertheless very greedy in place and requires to be installed in a large room. Offering a 360-degree view of your bathroom, the dimensions of such equipment vary from 140 to 180 centimeters in diameter.

The asymmetrical whirlpool bath

The asymmetric whirlpool bathtubs are an effective compromise for those who do not have enough space in their bathroom to choose a model with larger dimensions. Thanks to its asymmetrical shape, this equipment offers a reduced width at the level of the feet but offers an honorable space at the level of the upper body for optimal comfort. Its dimensions vary between 75 and 90 centimeters in width and can go up to 190 centimeters in length.


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