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Click here for the best boat rental offers

With destinations around the world, sailing in new and exotic places becomes a reality. You want to sail on splendid shores? Many professionals offer you walks along the water. Whether you are a boater or individual, opt for the rental that suits you and head for even more phenomenal new horizons. For this, there are several offers that can meet your needs. Just click here to get the best deals.

A commission charged to the lessor

Prices on most sites are public prices. If you go directly to rent from the owner of the boat, you will get the same price. The sites are remunerated with a commission that is entirely the responsibility of the lessor, not that of the tenant.

The insurance of the best price

Some sites assure that the offer is at the best price. If the renter finds an identical boat in the same port at the same time, but cheaper, some undertake to refund the difference. Thus the tenant is sure to find his rental at the best price.

The best offers of boat rental

  • Passenger Boat

You want to organize a meal or cocktail at the dock or go on a theme cruise along the water. Embark on Eva-na or Armentières 2000! The captain and the sailor will make you discover the riches of the waterway and its local heritage.

  • Pleasure boat

From Belgium, enjoy a cross-border cruise and become captain of your own boat. You will be able to live a magnificent experience over water and sleep on board, while visiting all the tourist facilities nearby.

  • Boat without a license

Want a peaceful ride with family or friends? Rent a boat without a license! You will be trained before boarding to navigate safely

To conclude, the majority of rental sites are mostly maritime, but for some time river tourism has been growing. The supply of sailing boats on the canals is becoming increasingly important, especially used by the Germans, fond of this type of holiday.

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