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Discovering the shores of Croatia by boat

Croatia's coastline is dotted with thousands of magnificent islands ranging from small, green and unpopulated to ancient towns and villages that are huge, arid and sporting. One of the main delights of any visit to Croatia is to hop among the islands on the numerous ferries, catamarans and taxi boats, you can even just rent a boat croatia or, if you are blessed, your own sailing boat. If you're planning a cruise, here's a cheat sheet of some of the best islands.


Hvar is Croatia's number one superlative carrier: it is the most comfortable island and the country's most sunny location (2724 sunshine hours each year). As well as other aromatic herbs such as rosemary and heather, Hvar is known for its verdance and lavender fields. Due to its spectacular center (also called Hvar), it draws more visitors than any other Adriatic atoll.


Orebić, between Korčula and Ploče on the southern coast of the Pelješac Peninsula, offers better beaches than those located in Korčula, 2.5 km across the sea. Korčula's convenient ferry access makes it the perfect place to go for the day. Orebić's best beach is the cove of Trstenica, a 15-minute walk from the port east along the coast. Orebić is next to the ferry terminal and the bus station.


This is one of the most stunning secret sandy beaches in Croatia if you're not a fan of pebbly beaches. Great if a sailing yacht or a gulet is approaching. By using one of the many water sports activities and toys you can find on deck, you can spend your day here relaxing and staying active.

Enjoying while cruising

While some of the boats have sundecks where you can sit outside during crossings, lounge chairs and towels will not be offered. If you want to lie on the sun porch, bring something to relax on (a towel or blanket). Food service and the quality of what's on offer varies depending on which ships are serving your specific itinerary. If you're a picky eater. Hence rent a boat croatia.

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