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About Boat Motors

Remember the very first time you ever went out on a motorized boat and enjoyed the cool breeze of the water and the power of the boat motor? Relive those days on your current boat by powering it the right way with the best new and used outboard boat motors available from the reliable sellers of eBay. Electric boat motors come in a range of powers, from 2 to 200 horse power, from small engine to full-on V8 setups. Electric boat motors are famous for their clean burn, soft sound and leaving other, heavier boat motors in their wake. Boat motors from Honda, Mercury, Suzuki, Yamaha, and many other trusted brands will bring your boat to life, whether you are riding in a small vessel or captaining a sizeable yacht. Find the right boat motor on eBay from the wealth of sellers and information available, and return to those days when you first discovered your passion for the open sea. Nowadays, choosing the right type of engine and propeller for your boat is very important. The engine’s weight and horsepower will have an impact on the performance of your boat. Matching the correct size and pitch for the propeller will enable your boat and engine to achieve the maximum performance for which it was designed. Most good dealers will guide you in these selections, but knowing what questions to ask is essential to getting exactly what you want.

Size matters

Ensure that the motor you choose is the ideal horsepower for your vessel. Surveys show the most likely reason a boater becomes disenchanted with his new boat is for lack of horsepower. Ensure that the motor you choose at boat motors for sale is the ideal horsepower for your vessel and the activities you want to pursue. Often the choice of power is over-simplified by the question “How fast will it go?” More horsepower gives far more than speed. It gives better handling at midrange speeds, a better “hole shot” for pulling skiers from the water and often better sea keeping capabilities in rough water.

Get horsepower

A good rule is to get the horsepower as possible to the maximum your boat is rated for. And added penalty for too little horsepower is excessive fuel consumption. It seems like a smaller engine should burn less, but typically, it has to work harder to give the performance you expect and it burns more gas doing it.

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