Samboat for all yacht rentals in Italy

For those who want to enjoy the sea, exotic colours and a cuisine that will surely please the palate, Italy is the ideal destination, the Mediterranean jewel. It is the most gorgeous and popular sailing point of the world. It is also world famous for its impeccable fashion taste, magnificent coast, beautiful culture, friendly people, and exciting history. Italy is a peninsula surrounded by 7,458 kilometres of coastline on the Mediterranean Sea. A shortened coast reveals magnificent charms, hidden bays, sandy beaches, and coves that make it perfect for any kind of vacation.

Sailing in Italy

There are many famous sailing spots in Italy as concerns sailing offered by yacht rentals italy. One of the most popular is the Amalfi coast. Over there you can live the finest Italian experience that is, meaning great weather, food and wine while having the time on your life on the dock of your boat. The coastline is absolutely magnificent and charters companies are numerous in this region. With Samboat, just rent a boat in a few clicks and explore the beauty of the Amalfi coast.

Samboat sailing possibilities

This is just a glimpse of the sailing possibility in Italy. La Spezia, Punta Ala, La Maddalena, and dozens of great marinas await you. This country has huge potential regarding boating and hiring a boat there is the recipe for having a great time. Gather your friends and family and head over to live the great Italian boating experience. If it is your first sailing experience, do not worry. When renting a boat in Italy with Samboat, you can ask for a skipper too! Then, you will have a stress-free holiday. From the luxurious yacht with a lot of interesting services like a chef on board and water sports activities to 15 feet sailboat, a skipper can help you to drive the boat. Moreover, he or she generally know the sailing area and will mostly give you tips about it. Indeed, Italian are really proud of their coastline and share happily with everyone their boating culture.

Having knowledge about the Italian coastline

The Italian coastline has numerous beautiful islands to visit such as Capri. Whether it’s for a day trip or an entire week, boat rental can be your way to go! Explore the Italian coast with Samboat aboard a skippered yacht or bareboat sailboat and spend an amazing sailing holidays.


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