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Why Samboat is highly recommended for boat hires

Samboat offers a Service to connect its members whose registration on the website opens participation to boat rental activities, whether as owner or tenant. The SamBoat concept allows linking of private or professional owners of boats with any person wishing to benefit from a rental service of such boats. The SamBoat service is designed to organise and energise the community within which owners and prospective tenants will be able to exchange and agree various rentals of Boats. These terms are intended to define the terms of use of the samboat service and of the SamBoat website, but also to organise the relationships between the website and its users, or between the users only.

The use of the Service offered by the company

The form posted on the website https://www.samboat.com/ must be completed to allow the opening of a personal account and the access to Membership of the SamBoat community .In order to ensure the confidentiality of data stored on his account, users are required to choose a password when creating the said account. At the end of the creation of the account, they are not allowed to communicate in any way whatsoever their password to a third party. The account is strictly personal and confidential.

The user or member may access the Service provided by the Platform with an Internet connection, for free, without exception or condition.The costs borne by the user for access to the service be it hardware, software, Internet connection, etc. remain at his charge. Non-registered casual users on the Website have no access to the service reserved to registered users. The website is committed to implement all means at its disposal to ensure continued access and quality in its Service. The obligation borne by the website for this purpose is purely of means. Any event that results in a malfunction of the network or the server cannot engage the responsibility of SamBoat. Access to the service or the platform may at any time be interrupted, suspended or permanently discontinued, without notice or compensation due.

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